Here Is What Some Of My Customers Had To Say

"I've had my Avid Eleven Rack for 2 years now and never got the tone that i wanted out of it. Let's face it, I ain't a rocket scientist. Lol. Thankfully you are a rocket scientist! I can't thank you enough Singtall. You are the MAN!"
Kenneth H.
NOT a Rocket Scientist
"‚ÄčI just wanted to thank you for such awesome work, I just purchased your Atomic Amplifire superpack and I love every tone. I was about to give up, I don't know how you do it. Funny thing is, I am a career sound guy, I own Audio Design Rentals, mix big venues weekly on state of the art equipment, but couldn't manage a single perfect tone on my Atomic Amplifire. You're truly gifted."
Jeff J.
Sound Engineer
"Seriously, I must have went through a dozen sets of pickups and I could not get my guitar to sound right with any amp. I tried your pickup replacement presets on my Axe-FX II and found gold when I changed my pickup tone to your Singtall pickups. A huge THANK YOU my friend!"
Patrick F.
"You are the best in the world at what you do! You captured the distortion characteristics that most people can't hear, but they certainly can feel."
Matt P.
Preset Maker
"I was about to throw in the towel and sell the Eleven Rack....then I found your presets and oh man did you save me from making a mistake. I don't know how you make these presets, but I'm sure glad that you do."
Joe C.
"I learned more about how to dial in the tone i wanted in 5 minutes from trying your presets than I learned in 35 years of playing guitar on tons of different amps. Many thanks for your work."
Ron K.

Check out these guys jamming on Singtall presets

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