Frequently Asked Questions

Curious Minds Want To Know

  • What Kind of Speakers are the presets designed to play through?  Full Range PA or Studio Monitors would be best.  Guitar cabinets would make the presets inaccurate for the purpose they were designed for.
  • Do I need a special guitar to get the most from the presets?  No.  The presets were designed from ground up to work with “standard” humbucker equipped guitars where humbuckers were used by the original artist.  consequently,  there are also presets designed to be used with single coil pickups where the original artist used a Strat or similar guitar.
  • Some presets have too much gain or not enough.  Some may have too much reverb or other effect.  What do I do about it?  Feel free to modify the presets to your liking.  the idea was to get you as close as possible to the original artist tones….but in many cases that exact tone may not please your ears or hands.  CD quality tones often have tons of low end rolled off,  which is not what most of us are used to.  Again,  tweak away! Turns some knobs and learn what each eq and effect does.  This process will aid you in creating your own tones.
  • Can Singtall make me a preset that sounds exactly like a certain artist or tone that I have heard on the internet?  In most cases the answer is yes….depending on you processor,  I can usually do almost exact matches on the Axe-FX II.  with the other processors that don’t have the Tonematch feature I have to tweak it by ear,  and that’s usually close enough to fool most people.
  • What the heck does Singtall mean?  Long story;  back in the late 90’s I was searching for a band name,  and like every band, we exhausted just about all options.  At some point we started just throwing in any crazy idea we could come up with.  It was then that i was looking at the back cover of a Jet Li martial arts DVD and noticed the production company name was “Tsing-Tao”.   I immediately came up with the name “Singtall”, which sounded kinda like the Chinese company’s name.  The band thought the name Singtall was a reference to me being the singer of the band and being 6’5″ tall.  I said nothing in response.  We later on named the band Silent Fear,  but i kept the name Singtall as my login name for several sites.  After making a name for myself on many forums for making quality presets,  i didn’t want to change my name and have to make people learn my new one.  Sad but true.  Sorry for wasting the last few minutes of your time for reading this….but i get asked this question way too often.
  • Are you an Elvis Presley Impersonator?  No,  I’m not.  Thank ya,  thank ya very much.  I live in the same area of the country as he did, which may be why I have a similar accent, and it just so happens that I do talk out of the side of my mouth at times….not sure why.

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